A Special Present for Mummy


There was once a little boy called Harry-Eddie.

He was very excited, bcause tomorrow it was his Mummy’s birthday. He wanted to surprise her by giving her a present that was really, really special.

But what?

Harry-Eddie had a lovely box, covered in bright birthday paper. He knew Mummy would like that, so now he just had to think about what to put inside it. What would Mummy like?

“I know!” thought Harry-Eddie. “My favourite train!” He just loved that, so she was sure to love it too. He ran to find his train and put it carefully into the box.

Well, it was a lovely gift, but it still wasn’t special enough. What else would Mummy like?

Harry-Eddie thought hard again. “I know!” he said to himself. “Flowers! She loves flowers. I’ll go and pick her some from the garden.” He picked up the birthday box and carried it out into the garden. He picked a flower and put it carefully into the box.

Now he had his favourite train and a pretty flower. But it still wasn’t special enough. What else would Mummy like?

As he sat and thought about it, Harry-Eddie saw a beautiful butterfly dancing among the trees and flowers in his garden.

Here is my butterfly, watch how it goes,

Higher and lower, in front of my nose.

It started out tiny, then grew and grew,

It fluttered about then off it flew!

Now I’m a butterfly, flying so high,

Moving my wings up and down in the sky.

I started out tiny, then grew and grew,

I fluttered about then off I flew!

Harry-Eddie knew that Mummy loved butterflies. “But I can’t put a real butterfly into a box,” he sighed. “I know! I’ll draw her a picture of one!” And, with that, he picked up his box, and ran back inside. He found a piece of paper, and using his best crayons, he did the most careful picture he could of a beautiful butterfly for Mummy’s birthday. When he had finished, he folded it neatly and put it inside the box.

Now he had his favourite train, a pretty flower and a drawing of a beautiful butterfly. It was certainly getting there, but it still wasn’t quite special enough.

“Bedtime!” called Mummy, and Harry-Eddie quickly hid the box under his covers. He didn’t want her to see her surprise present until tomorrow, even if it wasn’t quite special enough yet.

When Mummy had settled him down and read him his favourite bedtime story, Harry-Eddie closed his eyes and went to sleep.

While he slept, the birthday fairy came to visit him. She took the present from where he had hidden it and wrapped it in a beautiful silken ribbon of the deepest blue. Then she laid it at the bottom of his bed so he would see it when he woke up.

In the morning, when Harry-Eddie awoke, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The ribbon looked amazing and was just what the present had needed. And when Mummy opened her present and saw all the lovely things he had given her, she agreed that it was the most special present of all.

As told by Amy, George and Jessica, with a little help from Singing Sarah


About Sarah Stokes

I am a mother of four children, all currently under the age of eight. Before starting my family, I was a primary school teacher and worked in schools all over London and South East England. Since leaving full time teaching to focus on family life, I have tried to ensure that I stay creative, through learning new skills and trying new things. I have completed my Masters degree in Children's Literature earlier this year, with particular research interests in picture book narratives and writing stories for children. I have recently taken up writing book reviews for the online magazine, IBBYlink, and have a couple of articles due for publication in 2011/12, relating to the world of British 21st century children's literature.

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