Pre-School Music

I have worked with Kim and the team at Sparkles Pre-School on a weekly basis for several years, providng the children at the setting with a range of singing, dancing, playing and listening activities.

During the morning I’m there, the children work with me in small groups and as a whole group at the end of the session, when we sing together, say rhymes, play games and listen to music from around the world and across many different genres.

As well as enabling the children to develop their musical abilities, I plan each session carefully to encourage their physical co-ordination, their concentration skills and to foster their natural curiosity about new things. We talk about instruments and music from across the globe, and use these to sing songs, tell stories and play musical games.

I want every child to feel confident when they work with me and to feel they can make their own unique contribution to what we do.

Above all, every session is about having fun and enjoying ourselves together.

I am currently introducing my work to other pre-school settings in the South East.

Book-making Workshops

I am currently developing a series of workshops for parents and carers of young children, to provide them with the tools for making books about key family and life events.

  • Session 1: The Basics: Learning how to make a range of origami books about your child
  • Session 2: The Language: Exploring the relationship betweenwords and pictures in books and thinking about how these might work in your books about your child
  • Session 3: The Nitty-Gritty: Reflecting on how style and form can be adapted to meet your personal needs and record your family history in a way that suits you

As well as practical ideas, tips and a wealth of real examples, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion about your own plans for creating your child’s story library.

Participants will complete the course with their own portfolio of prototype origami books, envelopes, resource notes and ideas for continuing to develop projects at home.

The first of these workshop series is due to begin at Heaven Nutfield in November. For further details and booking information, please click on Heaven’s website link on the right hand side of my blog page.


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